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Sea Dogs unveil new videoboards, Hadlock Field signage

Portland Sea DogsThe Portland Sea Dogs (Class AA; Eastern League) unveiled a new multimedia project at Hadlock Field today, including a new 17′ X 53′ high density videoboard in left-center field, a new 9.3′ X 18.6′ display board in right-center field, and a new marquee sign in front of the ballpark.

The centerpiece of the project is a new high-density 20MM full-color LED videoboard. The board measures 17′ X 53′ (901 square feet) and is three times larger than the previous videoboard. The board has the capabilities of displaying 28.1 trillion colors. The new board will be located in left-center field and will be used as the primary board featuring player head shots, videos, Red Sox highlights, and much more.

The old videoboard in right-center field has been replaced with a new high-density 20MM full-color LED videoboard measuring 9.3′ X 18.6′. The board will be used to feature updated statistical information on the current pitcher, including a total of balls and strikes thrown and what type of pitch was most recently thrown.

The final piece of the project is a new ballpark marquee sign, which is proudly held by the statue of Slugger the Sea Dog in front of Hadlock Field. The new ballpark marquee board is a high-density 16MM full-color LED sign.

“Every year we try to add something to the ballpark that will enhance the fan experience,” stated Sea Dogs Executive Vice President & General Manager Geoff Iacuessa. “These new video boards are sure to wow our fans as the boards bring technological advances to the ballpark with crystal-clear videos and graphics. We will be able to provide more information to fans than ever before.”

All three boards were manufactured by the HuaHai Group and were installed by Sign Concepts of Maine. Both the videoboard and the pitch count board have been installed. The new stadium marquee sign is scheduled to be installed in the next few weeks.


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