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Hagerstown owner: We’d meet with Fredericksburg about new ballpark

Hagerstown SunsWith work on a new ballpark stalled, Hagerstown Suns (Low Class A; Sally League) owner Bruce Quinn says he’d be willing to talk about facilities with Fredericksburg (Va.) officials.

This week Fredericksburg’s Economic Development Authority authorized a study as to the feasibility of a new minor-league ballpark in the central Virginia city, located halfway between Richmond and Washington, D.C. Of course, we know that a study will indeed confirm a ballpark would be a viable addition to the local economy, which then begs the question: what team would be courted?

City officials have already been in contact with Opening Day Partners and Peter Kirk about pro baseball, and the initial vision of a $25-million Fredericksburg ballpark fits the independent Atlantic League blueprint: 4,000 seats, plenty of berm space.

Enter Bruce Quinn, whose Suns ownership group is seeking a replacement for Municipal Stadium. Their first choice is staying in Hagerstown at a new downtown ballpark, but lacking that, they’ll look anywhere in the area. From

Asked by email whether the Suns might be interested in relocating to Fredericksburg, majority owner Bruce Quinn said the team is pursuing all options for a new stadium in Hagerstown.

But he also said that he sees a lot of potential for a team in Fredericksburg. 
“If the Fredericksburg City Council decides to build a stadium and invites us to participate in a public or closed session meeting we will be there,” Quinn wrote, adding that no such invitation has yet been received.

Among the positives Quinn cited about Fredericksburg are its history, large population and ability to retain a portion of the sales tax revenue generated at a stadium.

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