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Spelius signs on for one last term as ML prez

Midwest LeagueGeorge Spelius has signed on for one last two-year term as president of the Low Class A Midwest League and will be spending the final year grooming a successor.

The term will December 31, 2014.
“It is a privilege and honor to serve as Midwest League President,” he said via press release. “I am extremely proud of our league, and its 16 member teams. I look forward to supporting their continued successes throughout the next two years.”
Spelius has held the position of MWL President since 1987. We’re told the league will search for a successor at some point next year, with Spelius and his replacement working together in 2014. The Low Class A Sally League did the same thing several years ago when Eric Krupa was hired before John Henry Moss retired.

The Midwest League changed dramatically under Spelius’s leadership; in 1986 the MWL featured teams in Madison, Wausau, Waterloo, Kenosha and Springfield, Ill. — all teams that moved east, to larger markets like Fort Wayne, Dayton, Great Lakes, Kane County, West Michigan (Grand Rapids) and Lansing.


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