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Indians go greener at Progressive Field with new wind-turbine system

Progressive Field

The Cleveland Indians are partnering with Cleveland State University to install a state-of-the-art wind turbine at Progressive Field for the upcoming season.

The turbine won’t look like a traditional three-blade turbine you see across the country. Instead, the turbine will be round and look like a water tower, providing the ability to generate electricity from wind coming at every angle. The cylinder will rotate depending on where the wind is coming from. (You can see one in action on the Plain Dealer website.)

It will be partly for show, alas, Progressive Field uses17 million kilowatt hours per year, but the turbine generates only 40,000 killowatt hours per year. Still, that’s enough to power four average homes for a year. And it furthers the Indians’ efforts at sustainability: the team has already installed solar panels at the ballpark and are looking for other opportunities to curtain power and material consumption.


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