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More legal silliness in Charlotte

Charlotte KnightsJerry Reese, who failed in five previous lawsuits to stop the Charlotte Knights (Class AAA; International League) from building a new ballpark, is back in court a sixth time — and seeks the same outcome.

Reese, whose lawsuits were tossed early in the proceedings, is now arguing a lease extension signed between the team and Mecklenburg County is illegal. He’s not actually yet filed a lawsuit: he’s notified both parties he intends to file a lawsuit.

The lawsuit takes aim at an August extension giving the team 10 more months to come up with a financing plan for a new Uptown ballpark. Under the deal, the Knights would build the ballpark and Mecklenburg County would supply the land after swaps with the local school district. The Knights have been working on a new ballpark now for years: previous efforts were indeed delayed by Reese lawsuits. Reese, a local developer and lawyer, wants to see the city pursue a Major League Baseball team and argues a Class AAA ballpark would diminish those efforts.

Interestingly, the Knights seem to have some momentum in the new-ballpark quest; the team has gotten to the point of discussing naming rights with two potential suitors.

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