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The beer dispenser of tomorrow?

Ruppert BeerLong lines of thirsty patrons waiting for a cold beer at the ballpark could be a thing of the past, as a new technology in beer dispensers could drastically reduce the time it takes to draw a pint — and with less waste, to boot.

The technology comes from GrinOn Industries, whose founder has been working on a bottoms-up beer dispenser. It’s a simple technology: a small magnet attached to the beer dispenser, which then opens a bottom slot in the beer cup to push in the beer. As you can see by the video below, the beer is quickly dispensed with the precise amount and with little foam and little waste.

The folks at GrinOn say they’ll be ready to hit the market in 2013 with product; what you’re looking at is a proof of concept. Of course, it’s cool, but the real key will be how cheaply these units can be produced: if you’re adding a dime for that special cup with the magnet on the bottom, you’re looking at margin slip away — and we’re guessing the folks at recycling may have issues with metal attached to the cups. (Via Wired.)

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