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Poll: Voters oppose public funding of Wrigley Field renovations

Chicago CubsDespite the immense popularity of the Chicago Cubs, more than half the Chicago voters polled by the Chicago Tribune and WGN oppose public funding of renovations to Wrigley Field.

The Cubs proposed earlier this year for the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority to borrow $250 million for Wrigley Field renovations, with the bonds repaid by growth in the 12 percent ticket amusement tax over the next 35 years. The Illinois General Assembly wasn’t too thrilled by the idea and didn’t even discuss it, and all indications are that the idea will continue to be spurned in 2011.

The poll showed 51 percent opposed the plan, only 36 percent supported it and the rest were undecided.

The plan apparently is for the Cubs to come back to the 2011 Assembly with a new plan, perhaps setting up a tax-increment financing district to help pay for the renovations.

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