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Ballpark Visit: Metro Bank Park / Harrisburg Senators / 3

We visit Metro Bank Park, the newly renovated home of the Harrisburg Senators. Page 3: Touring the Ballpark.


Another area where attention to detail can be noted: the outfield concourse. Metro Bank Park features a wraparound concourse (mostly; it dips to the ground level in the right-field corner) and manages to do so despite the small footprint of the ballpark: it’s literally hemmed in by three streets, a railroad track and a soccer stadium. Yet there’s plenty of room on the outfield concourse, especially in left field, where there’s also the aforementioned Operations Building.

Making room for the concourse: an outfield seating area – sold to a sponsor as the cheap seats – juts out into the field. Similarly, a group-seating area juts into right field, giving the ballpark an asymmetrical outfield wall.

This is a ballpark where there are lots of places to stand around and watch the game. A bar rail wraps around much of the outfield wall, and these are sold with bar stools as reserved seating. But there’s plenty of room in back of the bar stools to stand and gather, and the left-field concourse is wide open save for a few picnic tables. You can also stand and watch the game from right-center field.