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Ricketts to visit Mesa next week to tour potential spring-training sites

In one of their first moves since taking control of the Chicago Cubs, the Ricketts family announced a visit to Mesa next week to tour potential spring-training sites for the team.

The Ricketts family is already being proactive as the new owners of the Chicago Cubs, scheduling a visit to Mesa next week to tour up to 10 potential spring-training sites for the team.

The Cubs informed Mesa last month the team was in the market for a new spring-training home to replace HoHoKam Park. Since then, there's been an "offer" from Naples to host the team (really, the "offer" is more a note of intent, with no funding sources identified), causing Mesa officials to step forward and identify upwards of 10 potential complex sites. The city is pushing the idea of a "Wrigleyville West," a mixed-use development that would include a scaled-down version of Wrigley Field and surrounding bars, restaurants and hotels. 

Developers seem to like the idea; several will meet with the Ricketts during their visit to Mesa.

We've been told all along by those in the know that Mesa remains the site of choice in the Cubs front office for a new spring-training facility: many front-office types and former players, as well as a slew of loyal fans, have put down roots in the East Valley. Given that there are no solid offers from anyone on the table, talk of where a new complex would be located is highly premature.

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