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Pelicans acquiring fans one at a time

Myrtle Beach is bidding for the affections of a disenchanted Pittsburgh Pirates fan on eBay.
The Myrtle Beach Pelicans (High Class A; Carolina League) are pursuing a low-profile yet potentially highly-impactful free agent.

The Pelicans are actively bidding on the loyalties of former Pittsburgh Pirates fan Brad Davis. Davis, 39, has put his fan loyalties up for bid on eBay resulting from frustrations with the team’s performance in recent years.

“As my former beloved Pittsburgh Pirates head towards their 17th consecutive losing season, I’ve decided that I can no longer root for an organization that makes little to no attempt to be competitive,” said Davis. “I’ve been a lifelong Pirates fan, and I’ve had enough.”

Davis has agreed to give the highest bidder 100 percent of his loyalty. He vows to wear the team’s merchandise and embrace the organization with his full support. Davis claims on his eBay post that he will use the money used to purchase his allegiance to buy team merchandise.

“We are extremely ecstatic about this opportunity to add to the greatest fan base in America,” said Pelicans General Manager North Johnson. “We are committed to our loyal fans and are not afraid to complement the home grown talent with quality free agents. Brad has dedicated the first 39 years to one team and we are looking forward to the Pelicans being his team for his next 39 years.”

Davis grew up in the Pittsburgh area and currently lives roughly an hour away from the Steel City. The bidding will end Friday, July 24 at 7:45 EDT.

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