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Site work begins on new Marlins ballpark

A formal groundbreaking is scheduled for July 18, but work on the new ballpark has begun after financing was finalized on the project.

Unless something very unexpected happens, a new Florida Marlins ballpark is a go after a $300-million bond sale was successfully closed by Miami-Dade County officials late last week. To that end, prep work began on the Little Havana site, which formerly housed the Orange Bowl.

Of course, it took a little drama to get to that point: Miami-Dade Commissioners had to pony up an additional $6.2 million at the last minute to make the deal work, and we're guessing there will be more surprises as construction actually begins. Still, for the Marlins and their long-suffering fans, such last-minute changes are merely tiny details that won't be remembered when the ballpark opens.

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