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It’s official: Rockies, D-Backs out of Tucson after Spring Training 2010

Readers of this site shouldn't be surprised by the news that the Rockies and Diamondbacks plan to move spring-training operations to Phoenix in 2011; the surprise is that Tucson officials claim they didn't see it coming.

We've been reporting for months now that the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks would be moving spring operations to Phoenix by 2011: we've reported on potential sites and timelines.

So we're a little shocked to see Tucson officials surprised when the Rockies and Diamondbacks officially notified local officials that they were terminating their leases for Hi Corbett Field and Tucson Electric Park, respectively, because there are only two teams training in Tucson — and that triggers an out clause for both. 

Interestingly, we are hearing some rumblings about local officials fighting this move. Not quite sure what they expect to receive in return. Spring training is all but dead in Tucson; the sooner local officials face that reality the sooner they can transition to a more appropriate use for the facilities.

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