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Suitors pop up for Bernie Robbins Stadium

Separately, Mario Perrucci and Jamie Toole think baseball can still work at Bernie Robbins Stadium despite the shuttering of the Atlantic City Surf franchise, as Super Independent Baseball explores a ballpark lease.
With the Atlantic City Surf gone and the future of baseball in the city barely on life support, the future of Bernie Robbins Stadium continues to be explored by Atlantic City officials.

One plan, floated by former Surf president Mario Perrucci, is for the city to spend the money to bring the ballpark into usable shape and then use it for high-school and college baseball, tournaments and other events. In the short term, this is probably doable.

Separately, Super Independent Baseball — the startup being launched by Jamie Toole — says it’s looking at a lease for the ballpark.

“We are very much interested in having the opportunity to bring professional baseball back to Atlantic City and to a fantastic baseball facility like Bernie Robbins Stadium,” said SIB President Jamie Toole. “It is or understanding that several options for the future of the facility and the land that the facility is located on are being considered.  We hope to know more in the coming weeks regarding both the short and long range plans for the facility and how SIB and the Independence Division may fit into those plans."

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