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BoSox unveil new primary logo, hats, road unis

The Boston Red Sox will switch to the iconic — and somewhat streamlined — Hanging Sox logo for 2009, as the team unveils four different home and road uniform designs.
The Boston Red Sox unveiled new club logos, uniforms, and hats that will make their debut on the field at the start of the 2009 season. The changes, which include the selection of a new primary logo and introduction of new primary road uniforms, reflect the club’s decision to make changes in design that return select visual brand elements and team appearance to the core traditions of the organization.

The "Hanging Sox" logo — a prominent mainstay in the club’s collection of logos since it first appeared on a Red Sox uniform in 1931 — will become the team’s new primary logo and be used more frequently in the future. The "Circle Sox" logo, in redesigned form, will now serve as a secondary logo along with the red "B". The decision to change was made given the long-time iconic stature of the "Hanging Sox," which possesses an instant appeal and recognition of the team.