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Best of the Ballparks: NCAA Division I

Ballpark DigestWelcome to the inaugural Best of the Ballparks vote for NCAA Division I facilities! We’ve compiled a list of the top 64 college-baseball facilities, and we want to hear from you about your favorites.

How did we arrive at this list of 64 NCAA Division I ballparks? We began with a much, much longer list of contenders, but then whittled it down to this final list. College baseball has changed over the last decade, which makes compiling a list like this to be such a challenge. Some are here because of intense fan popularity, some are here because of historic signficance, and some are here because we find them architectually interesting. Though there are many lovely non-Division I college ballparks, we decided to stick to Division I this year. We did not include some very nice ballparks, like Allie P. Reynolds Stadium, as they are slated to be replaced in coming years. Past the top four ballparks–Baum Stadium, Alex Box Stadium, Russ Chandler Stadium and Founders Park–the rankings are very loose, so please don’t take offense if your favorite ballpark has a low seeding in these brackets. If you feel we missed your favorite college ballpark, drop us a note at and we’ll take that into account when we do this in 2018.

Please bookmark this page if you plan on returning to vote daily or in each round. And thanks for participating!