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It’s Finals Time for Best of the Ballparks, Grapefruit League Vote

Spring Training OnlineIt’s Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium vs. LECOM Park in the final round for the 2020 Best of the Ballparks Grapefruit League fan vote — and we want to hear from you!

That these two ballparks ended up in the finals is no surprise: they’ve dominated the Best of the Ballpark Grapefruit League votes for years. This final round runs through March 20, noon Central.

Some things to note. First, you are allowed to vote multiple times, but you can only vote once per day. Second, you don’t need to fill out a full slate: partially filled votes will count. A running tally of the vote will be presented, and you can view the results to date in the brackets graphic at the bottom of this page.