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New for 2019: WCBL


The Western Major Baseball League (WMBL) has announced a name change, as it will become the Western Canadian Baseball League (WCBL) for 2019 and beyond.

By switching to the WCBL, the league is adopting a name that more strongly reflects its Canadian identity. The Lethbridge, AB-based circuit currently features 12 teams, with clubs located in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta.

In addition, the league has announced its 2019 schedule. Beginning in 2019, the newly branded WCBL will have an expanded regular season schedule and shortened playoff series.

In the past, the regular season has consisted of 48 games (24 home games) followed by best of five playoff series. Commencing in 2019, the regular season will be extended into the first week of August and will feature 56 games, including 28 home games, a move that will allow for more home games in warmer weather.

As in past years, the regular season will be followed by the same playoff format. However, recognizing the need for college players to get back to their universities, all playoff series will be best of three starting in 2019, rather than best of five.

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