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Brewers Decide on Juicy IPA For Limited-Run Miller Park Beer

Milwaukee Brewers 1970Three Milwaukee Brewers — all notable beer lovers and home brewers — decided on a juicy IPA as the style of choice for a limited-run Miller Park beer to be brewed by MillerCoors master brewers.

This is a masterpiece of a promotion for a limited-run beer, probably 20 barrels or less. First baseman Eric Thames and relievers Oliver Drake and Corey Knebel met today with master brewers at the MillerCoors brewery near Miller Park. Thames is a beer lover who cited Milwaukee’s beer culture as a reason for signing in the offseason as a free agent with the Brewers; Knebel is a home brewer.

We still don’t have all the details of this promotion, and it sounds like the Brewers don’t either, past the promise to serve the beer at some point this summer (probably in August) to Miller Park fans. But exactly how this will happens will be determined later.

What we do know: the beer will be a juicy IPA, a very trendy style these days. If you like hoppy beers, you’ll like the extremely hoppy juicy IPA styleFrom the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

From there, they landed in the MillerCoors’ Flying Hippo innovation room. Escorted to a table of small cups filled with hops — from Denali hops with pineapple notes to experimental hops No. 438 that smell of grapefruit. Is it safe to say that No. 438 was a slam dunk among baseball players?

“I offered to give $20 to Corey if he ate a little shot of it,” Thames said.

Thames likes “heavy beers,” the kind he described as those you could only drink two of but with taste and heft to them.

“I’m an IPA fan,” said Thames, who name-checked Stone Brewing’s White IPA as one of his favorites. He also recently tried and enjoyed New Glarus Moon Man, which is technically a pale ale.

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