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Futures League sets attendance record

Futures Collegiate Baseball LeagueGood news for the summer-collegiate Futures Collegiate Baseball League: with the addition of a tenth team, the circuit has already set a total attendance record with two weeks to go in the season.

This is the fourth season for the Futures League, which launched in 2011 with only four teams: Nashua, Martha’s Vineyard, Torrington and Seacoast. The average attendance per night was 869, 621, 471, and 228, respectively. At the close of the summer, Futures League baseball drew in a total of 46,604 fans.

The next season saw the addition to five teams, and total attendance climbing dramatically to 174,502. Four of the teams drew over 1,000 fans a night, bringing in a sizable average of 1,714 per game. A rise was also seen in 2013, where over 184,000 people attended an FCBL game, with the average crowd per night at 860.

This season the FCBL added its tenth team, the Worcester Bravehearts, and with exactly two weeks left in the regular season total league attendance is 195,017; outdrawing last year by 11,000 more fans. Five of the teams have average nightly attendance over 1,000, and two of the five are over 1,500 a night. Total attendance per night is averaging over 950. Reaching 200,000 fans for 2014 is certainly inevitable.


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