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Some Ballpark Digest history

Ballpark DigestMore limited posting today, as we’re in Minneapolis for the All-Star Game festivities. One thing to note, though: we hit an important milestone yesterday.

We reached the 8.3-million mark for page views this year. Why is that important? We’ve now recorded as many page views in 2014 as we did in all of 2011. We hit that mark on July 14 — just a little past the midyear mark. That’s a pretty good sign of the growth of the site. Last year was the best year for page views and visitors on Ballpark Digest, and we should be reporting better numbers before October.

We’re thankful to all you for this growth and interest. We couldn’t do what we do without the support and interest, whether it’s perusing the site or sending us story tips or sharing our work on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks again. –Kevin Reichard


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