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Check out this amazing footage of the 1919 World Series

Redland Field

Ever wonder what Redland Field and Comiskey Park looked like in the 1919 Reds/White Sox World Series? This recently uncovered footage shows both ballparks.

Yes, that World Series: the infamous “Black Sox” World Series, where Eddie Cicotte and his gang of cohorts were accused of throwing the Series in a fix arranged by gambler Arnold Rothstein. This footage from British Canadian Pathé News is out of order: it shows Comiskey Park in Game 3 at the beginning of the footage and then shifts to Cincinnati, showing the Reds hosting the opening game of the World Series in Cincinnati, with Cicotte throwing the game won the Reds, 9-1. The clip also shows the Reds’ pregame ceremonies, some game action where Cicotte is highlighted, and an aerial shot of the ballpark. Pretty amazing stuff.


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