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Back from vacation after the Memorial Day weekend

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

We’re back from a working vacation to Yellowstone National Park and Montana, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to update you on what’s going on here at August Publications.

We probably should do a better job of promoting our other sites here: We do tend to focus exclusively on the baseball here. But August Publications publishes several websites, including Yellowstone Insider, New West, Arena Digest and Spring Training Online, as well as several other websites under development contracts. (Need a website populated with compelling content and SEO smarts? Contact us.) We’ll also be formally launching a new content-development business in coming days.

On the book front, we’ve been very happy with the success of The Baseball Thesaurus, which landed on the Amazon best-seller lists when first released. (Want to impress your father on Father’s Day? Surprise him with a copy of The Baseball Thesaurus, available directly from August Publications, Amazon or Coming up soon: The Complete Guide to Big League Ballparks, One More Ride (a motorcycling memoir; we are nothing if not eclectic), both print and eBook editions of The Complete Guide to Spring Training, the second edition of Goodfellows: The Champions of St. Ambrose, Yellowstone Insider: Families and Kids, histories of the NY-Penn League and the Southern League, and a few surprises. We also create and publish eBooks in conjunction with other magazines; Oliver Stone, of all people, has praised our efforts in this field. (Looking to enter the eBook world? Contact us.) If you want to keep up with the book news, sign up for the August Publications newsletter here. And we’re always on the lookout for good books to publish: there’s more information about what we’re looking for at the August Publications website.

One more bit of business here: in coming months we’ll be launching a higher-end iPad/iPhone/Web version of Ballpark Digest for a low monthly ($1.99) subscription fee. We’ll have more information on that in coming days; right now launch date is tentatively set for the All-Star break.

In other Ballpark Digest news: Opening Day Partners is looking to fill positions on the business-development front. You can check out the details here.


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