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ChiSox opener delayed because of mislaid batter’s box

Chicago White SoxThis could be a first: the Chicago White Sox opener at U.S. Cellular Field was delayed after umpires determined the batter’s box was laid out incorrectly.

After two batters struck out, the Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera entered the batter’s box and complained that the batter’s box was not in the right place. His observation was confirmed by crew chief Gary Cederstrom, who ordered that that it be redrawn before play could continue. Baseball rules dictates the box be centered at home plate, but the US Cellular groundscrew had placed it too far forward. Five minutes later the game resumed.

Going out on a limb here and saying this is probably the first time in Major League Baseball a game was delayed because the batter’s box needed to be redrawn. True, they’re often defaced by the first batter — especially the back line — but they always begin in the right place.

Until now.


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