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Boston to seek more money for Yawkey Way, Landsdowne access

Boston Red SoxThe Boston Redevelopment Authority sees the Boston Red Sox making millions off team activity on Yawkey Way and Landsdowne Street — so higher rent is on the agenda.

The Red Sox do have a pretty sweet deal for extended Yawkey Way game-day access and air rights to Landsdowne Street for the Green Monster seating under an 11-year lease that began in 2002: some $186,000 a year in lease fees, on average. (The Red Sox close Yawkey Way two hours before the game and keep it closed two hours after the game, paying $900 per game to the redevelopment authority.) If you total all the pregame sales for concessions on Yawkey Way on game days and seating/concessions for the Green Monster addition, the team is ahead some $45 million since the agreement started, according to computations from the Boston Globe

Of course, this sweet a deal won’t last forever. As the agreements come up in another two years, negotiations are already underway on a new deal. It sound like the redevelopment authority will seek a percentage of revenues, rather than just be paid a flat fee.


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