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Rangers to make changes at ballpark in response to tragedy

Texas RangersDespite meeting code, the Texas Rangers will make changes to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, including raising of the height of all rails in front of seating areas to the highest standard in the country.

The current minimum code for railings at the end of a walkway is 42 inches. In front of fixed seats, the International Building Code requirement drops to 26 inches.

While work is being done on design and engineering for the refitted rails, the Rangers are taking the following interim steps to remind fans about their safety when seated near the rails at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington:

  1. New signage is being installed on the railings at the base of the aisles and in front of front row seating, which states “DO NOT LEAN, SIT ON, OR STAND AGAINST RAIL”. The signage will be on the railings in front of all outfield seating from foul pole to foul pole and on all upper level seating, including the two suite levels.
  2. A pre-game warning with the same information will be made prior to the start of each game over the Ballpark’s public address system and on the scoreboards.
  3. Security and Customer Service staff will enforce this policy with guests seated near the rails.

Shannon Stone, a Rangers fan attending a recent game with his son, fell to his death attempting to catch a ball thrown into the stands by Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton. It led the Rangers to thoroughly reexamine safety at the ballpark, while other MLB teams did safety reviews as well.

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