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More extreme eats from the Aeros: The Screamer

Akron AerosYes, the Akron Aeros (Class AA; Eastern League) are single-handedly working to increase the obesity levels in their fair city, one fan at a time. Today’s extreme eat from the team: The Screamer, five pounds of ice cream served in a full-sized Aeros replica batting helmet.

Fans of a certain age and in a certain region will remember the Bridgeman’s chain of ice-cream shops and their trademark offering: the Lalapalooza. Eat one and you got a commemorative button; eat two and they’re free.

It’s been years since we’ve had the pleasure, but we’re pretty sure that a Lalapalooza didn’t come close to five pounds of ice cream. A good rule of life is to never eat anything larger than your head, but the Aeros certainly are pushing that adage to the extreme.

Here are the specifics: The Screamer is built on a one-pound chocolate brownie and includes 21 scoops of hand-dipped ice cream, four bananas, covered with hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, and sprinkles, served in a full-size souvenir Aeros replica batting helmet.

“After all of the hype surrounding our newest hot dog and hamburger creations, the Aeros are happy to introduce a food item that is for the kid in all of us,” said Aeros Executive Vice President and COO Jim Pfander. “We can’t wait to see families sharing The Screamer at Canal Park this summer.  There’s nothing better than enjoying a few – or 21 – scoops of ice cream in the stands during a summer day at Canal Park.”

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