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Suns unveil new marks, hats, color design

The Jacksonville Suns adopt a new color scheme and uniform design for the 2010 season.In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, the Jacksonville Suns (Class AA; Southern League) unveiled their new look for the 2010 season, including a number of color and uniform changes.   

The new logo features a black, gold and “old gold” color combination. An outer black trace around the word “Suns” and the sun head logo have been added. While not a full logo redesign, the new colors are a change from the former red, yellow and blue colors held since being renamed the Suns in 1991. (You can view a full PDF logo sheet by clicking on the Attachment link at the bottom of this page, next to the printer symbol.) 

The 2010 home uniform follows the new color scheme, with “Suns” written in the three colors across the front. The word “Suns” is sublimated into the fabric, as opposed to traditional raised stitching.  Where the former jersey was a white vest with a blue undershirt, the new jersey features black mesh sleeves plus a black, gold and old gold sutash around the collar and down the front. The 2010 season will mark the first change to the home uniform since the opening of the Baseball Grounds in 2003, when the team introduced all new uniforms with their new logo.  

In addition to the home uniform, the Suns are introducing three new on-field cap designs for 2010. The primary home cap will adopt the logo used on the Suns’ current road caps, stitched with gold and metallic gold thread on a full black cap. As an alternate home cap, a new-style “J” logo will be stitched in black with a white outline on a yellow cap with a black bill. Finally, for the batting practice cap the Suns will use their sun head logo stitched in black and gold on a gray mesh cap with a black bill.

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