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Yankee Stadium to host college bowl game beginning in ’10

The New York Yankees will launch a college football bowl beginning in 2010, featuring a Big East-Big 12 matchup.

The New York Yankees will bring a college bowl back to the Northeast with a new game between Big 12 and Big East teams slated to launch next season.

The Yankees are aggressively pushing college football as a way to monetize Yankee Stadium in the offseason, scheduling several high-profile games with Notre Dame, Syracuse and Rutgers in coming seasons. The addition of an annual bowl game will further that commitment to college football.

The bowl game will be the first played in the Northeast since 1981 and the first in New York City since the Gotham Bowl was played at the original Yankee Stadium since 1962. It was a flop, with only 6,000 fans paying to see Nebraska defeat Miami (Fla.). Ironically, the two teams could end up playing again in the 2010 inaugural bowl. Duh. Of course not.

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