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Orioles close to decision on spring-training future?

The Baltimore Orioles have settled on Fort Myers and Sarasota as the two finalists for a spring-training move, and we’re told Fort Myers has the inside edge.
With multiple deadlines at play, the Baltimore Orioles appear close to making a decision about moving spring-training operations to Sarasota or Fort Myers.

In both situations, the team would play at an existing facility: Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota or City of Palms Park in Fort Myers. Ed Smith Stadium could be available to the Orioles as soon as 2010 now that the Reds have shifted spring operations to Arizona, while City of Palms Park would be available in 2012 once the Red Sox move to a new facility.

From what we hear, the Orioles are leaning toward City of Palms Park — but no final decision is in place. Read more at Spring Training Online.

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