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Yakima County: We’ll discuss ballpark upgrades

Yakima BearsAfter almost losing the Yakima Bears (short season A; Northwest League) to the Portland area, Yakima County officials say they’re willing to discuss paying for upgrades to Yakima County Stadium.

The Bears had entered into discussions with Clark County in suburban Portland before commissioners there failed to pass an amusement tax to partially pay for a new ballpark on the Clark College campus. The Bears were spurred to look for a new home after floating ideas for a new Yakima ballpark, which were rejected by local officials.

But the county is now looking at ways to fix up the ballpark; it’s paying $10,000 toward the cost of a new playing field, which has been a point of contention among team officials because of its poor condition. But making other necessary changes to the ballpark — like upgrading the clubhouses and concessions — will require a lot more than $10,000. From the Yakima Herald:

“Our philosophy is we want to have all the options on the table and make a decision on the best long-term plan for us,” said Bears General Manager K.L. Wombacher. “There are some good ideas conceptually. There is a lot of work to be done. We definitely have an interest in talking to the county.”

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