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Vote on South Bend ballpark renovations delayed

South Bend Silver HawksThe South Bend Common Council delayed a vote on a $10.2 renovation of Covaleski Stadium, the home of the South Bend Silver Hawks (Low Class A; Midwest League), because of concern over a conflct of interest with a council member.

The conflict: Whether Council President Derek Dieter, a supporter of the project who works off-duty as a security guard at Silver Hawks games, should recuse himself. The city attorney said no, based on existing Indiana state law requiring recusal if an elected official makes half of his or her income on the project in question (he doesn’t), but renovation opponents pushed for a delay.

Dieter’s vote is important: the final margin for passage is expected to be slim, and it’s likely his yes vote is needed.

The issue will be taken up again next week by the Common Council.

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