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Saints Announce Nickelback Night

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Get ready for one night of polarizing music: The Saint Paul Saints (independent; American Association) are “celebrating” Nickelback with a promotion on August 31.

Nickelback has drawn its fair share of fans and critics over the years. The band placed seventh on Billboard’s artists of the decade rankings for the 2000’s, but it has also been on the wrong end of some scathing critiques. As far as sports go, perhaps the most notable was a petition to have the band removed from the halftime show at the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day game in 2011.

Through tonight’s promotion, the Saints are giving fans what they call “an attempt to withstand musical torture,” by playing Nickelback throughout the evening. Here are details from the Saints’ announcement:

With the Canadian band celebrating its 15-year anniversary and a Canadian team, the Winnipeg Goldeyes, in town the Saints are offering a unique way to add some change to your pocket.

From the time the gates open until the seventh inning of the ballgame, Saints organist and Musical Director, Andrew  Crowley, will forgo tickling the ivory keyboard and instead exclusively play the music of the wannabe Rockstars. While everyone will be Trying Not To Love the fact we are devoting an entire night to Nickelback, we don’t want to be Here Without You on what should be a perfect night for a Photograph. Just consider this a unique way that We Remind You of the existence of the group that Rolling Stone readers named the second worst rock band of the nineteen-nineties.

For fans that are able to stay inside the ballpark until the seventh inning, they will receive a nickel upon exiting the stadium as a reward for going through what might feel like Your Last Day. We can’t guarantee that Nobody will Cry over the course of the evening at CHS Field, we just hope it doesn’t bring us to the Edge of Revolution and that fans don’t Burn It To The Ground as a result. No matter how Far Away fans roam from the ballpark after this night, they’ll have a reminder of this one-of-a-kind promotion. And after a full night of Nickelback, we promise to Never Again play the repetitive three chords of the band.

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