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Martinsville losses widen

Martinsville MustangsA month after being told revenue for the Martinsville Mustangs (summer collegiate; Coastal Plain League) was up this season, City Council members were stunned to find out 2011 losses will be much higher than anticipated.

The City Council, tired of subsidizing the team to the tune of $44K annually, decided to hire a full-time general manager for the first time and make a serious effort to run the franchise on a break-even basis. Early returns from former city parks and recreation director Gary Cody and GM Jim Taipalus showed revenues were up significantly this season, leading some councilors to assume the deficits were declining.

But a report from Taipalus yesterday showed the opposite: despite revenues being up, so were operating costs. And instead of lessening last season’s deficit of $44,000, it looks like the team will end up losing $58,464 in 2011. Not good news for Hooker Field baseball fans: the City Council will decide by the end of the month — if not by Tuesday — whether to continue sponsoring the team for 2012.

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