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R-Phils to test limits with ultimate in all-you-can-eat promotions: Gluttony Night

We’ve seen first-hand how much food Reading Phillies fans can pack away, so GM Scott Hunsicker should be worried about running out of hot dogs and funnel cakes. Mmmmm, funnel cakes.The Reading Phillies (Class AA; Eastern League) are looking for big eaters to attend Gluttony Night on May 19.

For just $12, fans can eat as much as they want from the time the gates open at 5:30 p.m. until the Seventh Inning Stretch. Hot dogs, French fries, pizza, funnel cake, ice cream and fountain drinks are all included in a Gluttony Night ticket.

“Who knows if we’ll ever be able to do this again,” a somewhat nervous Scott Hunsicker, R-Phils General Manager, said. “I’m trying to encourage my family and friends to attend this game. Just in case I get fired over this promotion, I don’t want them to miss my last game.”

The R-Phils record for hot dogs consumed during a game was 4,275 on Father’s Day, June 15, 2008 during a dollar-dog promotion. Hunsicker believes that record is in jeopardy on Gluttony Night.

“Even with the pizza, fries, funnel cake and ice cream in the mix I still wouldn’t bet against the hot dog record falling,” he added.

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