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It’s official: “New” Aces to occupy Bringhurst Field in 2009

The latest iteration of the Alexandria Aces will play in the independent Continental Baseball League.The Alexandria City Council approved a Bringhurst Field lease for the Alexandria Aces (independent; Continental Baseball League), starting with the Aces’ home opener on May 20.

"The Mayor and his staff, as well as the Council, understands the importance of keeping the Aces in Alexandria. They understand that the Aces are a part of Central Louisiana and having the Aces does improve the quality of life in this area," said General Manager Andrew Aguilar. "There are not other cities the size of Alexandria that can claim that they have been a part of the independent minor league baseball scene since 1994. There are very few cities that can claim that this will be their 14th season to play independent baseball, which is a testament to the support of the citizens of Alexandria/Pineville and the surrounding areas, as well as the support of the local businesses. That support is far superior, per capita, when compared to many larger cities. The Aces do add economic value to Central Louisiana."

The importance of having a local ownership group that will strive to do what is best for the community underscores that fact, and the Mayor and his staff understood that in the negotiation process.

"I believe it was clear to both the Mayor and the Council after what happened last year with the United League. It was evident that local ownership was the right route for the Aces to succeed in being a long-term viable solution," added Aces President Eric Moran.

The Council did approve the lease with an addendum stating that the CBL can not move the playoff game(s) away from the Aces, if according to the CBL’s playoff rules, the Aces’ earn the right to be the host team.

That officially puts the CBL at five teams and a travel team for the 2009 season.

Meanwhile, the reconstituted United League Baseball — where the last version of the Aces played — plans on fielding a lineup this season, we’re told. By the end of the day a Dallasd bankruptcy court should have approved the purchase of the league from United Sports Equities; John Bryant and Byron Pierce have already talked with various city officials and potential employees and plan on hitting the ground running.

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