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Angels, Majestic Realty talking new ballpark in City of Industry: report

Los Angeles Angels of AnaheimReps from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Ed Roski Jr.’s Majestic Realty have met to discuss a new ballpark at a City of Industry site once envisioned for a new NFL stadium, according to reports.

The Los Angeles Daily News is reporting on two meetings between the pair. It’s no secret Angels owner Arte Moreno is looking at alternatives to Angel Stadium for the future. The team’s lease is up in 2016, and if the Angels were to exercise an option to stay, they’d be committed to an aging facility until 2029. Angels reps already met with AEG about a possible downtown Los Angeles ballpark, which was a long shot then and an even longer shot now that AEG is on the market.

So enter Roski, whose attempt to build an NFL stadium in City of Industry received local zoning and environmental approvals but didn’t generate much in the way of enthusiasm from NFL teams, who didn’t see kindly on Roski’s offer of a new stadium in exchange for equity in a team. Hence the pivot.

UPDATE: Majestic says there are no “talks” about a new Angels ballpark and the focus remains on a new NFL stadium. Kinda curious that Majestic would not comment on the original report and then issue a denial, however.

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Angels, Majestic Realty talking new ballpark in City of Industry: report

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