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Touring the ballparks of Cuba - Estadio Cinqo de Septiembre (Cienfuegos)

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Touring the ballparks of Cuba
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Estadio Cinqo de Septiembre (Cienfuegos)
This is one of the larger ballparks we visited, with a capacity of about 30,000. Like many of the Cuban parks, it is shaped a little like old Comiskey Park, with large bleachers heading diagonally out to center, with a large scoreboard in the middle. And, as in most parks, the seating is all benches, except for a few rows of individual seats in the infield.

Estadio Cinqo de Septiembre (Cienfuegos)

A roof covers all the seats, but for a day game, the shade covers the infield seats, and about half of the outfield seats were in the sun.  We arrived in the 6th inning of the first game of a make-up doubleheader. It was very hot, and the large crowd was crammed, standing room only, into the shaded areas, and nobody wanted to sit in the sun.

Estadio Cinqo de Septiembre (Cienfuegos)

We were in a standing area behind home, but the area was gated, so nobody could move (which is why all my photos appear to be taken from one spot!). We were surprised when the second game was immediately cancelled and everyone was ordered to leave.